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Things to do in Germany | Top Attractions Travel Guideby Roxy-Publishingon.Things to do in Germany | Top Attractions Travel GuideGermany was a country we fell in love with. Having spent a lot of time in SE Asia, we felt the need for a change of pace and Germany was just that. From urban hubs like Berlin to hidden gems like Freiburg, Germany offers a lot for those willing to explore and dig a little […]

Germany was a country we fell in love with. Having spent a lot of time in SE Asia, we felt the need for a change of pace and Germany was just that. From urban hubs like Berlin to hidden gems like Freiburg, Germany offers a lot for those willing to explore and dig a little deeper. Things to do in Germany | Top Attractions Travel Guide: we start off our top attractions travel guide to Germany by focusing on Berlin. Below are the top 25 things to consider doing in the city:

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1) Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery
2) Brandenburg Gate
3) Tiergarten
4) MauerPark Flohmarkt (MauerPark Flea Market)
5) Friedrichshain
6) Currywurst
7) Reichstag building
8) Tempelhof
9) Museum Island
10) Holocaust Memorial
11) Charlottenburg Palace
12) Checkpoint Charlie
13) Alexanderplatz – Berlin TV Tower
14) Ritter Sport
15) Berlin Cathedral
16) Currywurst Museum
17) Ride a Bike
18) Spree river boat tour
19) Wurst sausage
20) Friedrichshain Flohmarkt (flea market)
21) German Breakfast
22) Cat Cafe
23) Schnitzel and Spaetzle
24) U-bahn and S-bahn
25) Turkish Food

Recently we had the opportunity to visit Europa-Park, the largest theme park in Germany and second most popular theme resort in all of Europe.

This was the perfect opportunity for us to rekindle our childhood passion for rides. With over eleven different roller coasters alone we quickly realized we had never been to such a big theme park.

What we found cool was that the theme park was divided into different European countries. If you can’t visit all of Europe going to Europa Park is like getting little slivers of it all.

Accommodating up to 50,000 guests per day, we were fortunate we didn’t come during peak season; however, it was still crowded.

Overall, the weather was perfect, the rides were fun and it is an experience we won’t forget anytime soon.

This is a bit of a surprise. We have an eight hour wait for a flight in Frankfurt, so instead of just hanging around in the airport, which was our original plan, we decided to drop our bags off and come into the city.

That pretty much wraps up our little visit to Frankfurt. We spent maybe three or four hours just walking around and it was really nice to just see the city without much of an agenda.

I came here with quite low expectations to be perfectly honest. I had heard more or less this is just a financial hub but it ended up being quite charming here in Frankfurt and I’m definitely going to miss Germany. I’ve had a wonderful time traveling around the country.

We aren’t having much luck with the weather today. It is really rainy here in Freiburg. It is Easter weekend but we are out an exploring and we want to show you the city. Let’s go have a tour.

One of my first impressions of Freiburg is that it is such a great city to walk around in. That’s all we’ve been doing so far. It’s very picturesque. There are cobbled streets and it is also very historic.

Thankfully, the weather has shifted dramatically for the better. Earlier we had been rained out, so we had to head back into the hotel because it was cold and windy. Now we’re seeing a few patches of blue skies, so we’re going to keep exploring around Freiburg.

This is part of our Travel in Germany series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing German culture, German arts, German foods, German religion and German people.

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All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

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    Germany is a scenic and great country. I would visit again, but I think its too overrun with muslim vermin to even bother going back. Its a damn shame that the Germans have allowed this to happen. Its a true shame, a great place like this ruined by third world filth.

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